Tracking Motion only in detection zone with pan cam v3

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In the « Additional notes » section on the « Detection Settings and Zones » page (, it is mentioned that :

• When you turn on the Pan Scan feature, your Motion Detection Zone setting will be changed to fullscreen (Detection Zone will be turned off). You can turn your Motion Detection Zone back on once you have turned off the Pan Scan feature.

Is it possible to know why the V3 pan cam acts like that?

My cam is set up to verify any person walking around my car or coming to my front door. I bought a new pan cam to follow people around when they come into my detection zone. Unfortunately, every car that passes in front of my house and comes into the cam’s view are followed by it.

It would be perfect to have the cam follow only the movement included in my predermined detection zone and return to the initial position when that motion disappears.

Could that feature be eventually added for this Pan Cam?

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Luc Papineau
Laval, Qc, Canada

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The Detection Zone is based on one static Field of View Home Position. When you have objects or zones blocked out in that one Home Position Field of View, and then the cam actively moves during its Scanning cycle with the Scan feature enabled, you would have up to 4 waypoints all with a unique Field of View. The cam cannot create a unique detection zone for each Waypoint Field of View. Rather, it turns off the Detection Zone when Scan is enabled so that the one DZ set doesn’t interfere with detections in the other 3 waypoints or while scanning.

It is possible to do this. At least it is designed to do it that way. Turn off Scan, Turn off Track Motion, Turn Off Detection Zone. Set the home position of the cam by using the app to aim the cam. Turn on and set the Detection Zone restrictions. Turn on Track Motion.

The cam will pick up and follow any motion it sees in the Field. When motion stops, it should return to the Home Position and wait for the next motion event.

I say should because the cams have been having major issues remembering how to get back home. Wyze is working on it.

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Tried that but the result is the same… Motion outside my Detection Zone is being picked up by the cam and followed. It seems my Detection Zone is not recognized by the tracking sensor and the cam picks up any movement in its field of view.

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This is one of the other anomalies that we have noticed with the PanV3 in other threads. I have had to turn my Motion Tracking and Scan off because of the issues with the cam not returning to home.

I also have a Detection Zone I want to use. It has been observed that the edges of the detection zones for the PanV3 are not a hard line. Rather, they seem to act as though they are a progressive “shading” into the zone. I and several other users have resorted to blocking out extra blocks on the edges of the detection zone to “pad” the zone. It has been effective for me though not the way it is supposed to be working.

The cams no longer pick up motion on the road for me, but the cam is no better than the V3 it replaced at this point with the Scan and Motion Tracking off. The only added features I have are manual Pan and Tilt.

wyze needs an option to add comments when you share a video with wyze. I have pan v3 and it constantly picks up insects. I put the settings on very low and still get insect events. I had deer tracks go right by the camera and a cat walk at the edge of a video. But the camera didn’t see the deer and the camera didn’t go to the motion of the cat. very frustrating.

I have given up on my Pan V3 and turned it into a basic V3 with scan and tracking turned Off. The motion tracking spent much of the day tracking the sun, and sun reflections and sun beams through the trees. The pan scan motor speed is so fast and I don’t want a 10 second park at the waypoints. Now my Pan V3 has become a basic V3, I’ve given up trying to find work arounds. I bought a Pan V1 when it first came out and had similar issues.

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Mine have been in static mode since installing them and discovering the Home Position Drift issue. Although I do prefer them over the V3 since I have remote PTZ control.