Detection Zones while in pan mode

Would be nice to have the ability to set detection Zones in all 4 of the set way points. When setting up way points in pan scan settings, each set waypoint would have a detection zone available. Would largely reduce the false motion detection.

I think a phenomenal idea would be to be able to set the Detection Zone separately for each Waypoint position. Additionally, it would be nice to set the Detection Zone in additional shapes, rather than just squares and rectangles. At least add angles to avoid false triggers. This might even solve the problem of these cameras self-tracking themselves to facing the wall they’re mounted to.



Detection Zone is pretty much useless on Pan Cam with panning enabled. Who would have same detection zone in all the way points? It has to be on each way point.


Sorry, @shah. I should have been more clear when I sent you over here. The way voting works on #wishlist categories on this forum is you click the VOTE button at the top-left of the topic. In fact, I’m going to vote for this now, too. :slight_smile:


I think it is a great idea for when and if I get a Pan Cam.

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The ability of a Pan Cam to set-up up to four waypoints is very powerful, allowing the camera to monitor a wider area. The problem with waypoints is if you use them, there is no way to set-up detection zones for these waypoints. The locations where I can install a Pan Cam and use waypoints all have a road in one or more waypoints. If I set-up the camera with waypoints, I will end up with way too many alerts due to road traffic.

Please add the ability to set-up detection zones for waypoints.


That would be as awesome as Wyze for desktops!

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With the new cam pan v3, this has become way more important because detection zones are far more necessary when they are mounted outside.

One of my cam pan v3s is next to an arborvitae and it moves in the wind. One of my waypoints has it in frame and the other 3 don’t. Constant motion triggers.

Wyze really needs to revisit the maybe later tag on this one.

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Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Pan Scan with Detection Zones per each waypoints

I noticed there was a “PanCam 3 - Detection Zone while in pan mode” entry but it seems it was not successful.
I also want to plead for this additional feature. I do receive a lot of false notifications while the camera is in “Pan mode” but when in the “detection zone” it works much better. I have a palisade fence and my camera is detecting the cars driving past. Even if a still lower the view to look at the border of the fence I still receive frequently false notifications, sometimes every 10 mins. I need the pan mode because I have 2 gates and would like to pan between the 2. Please consider adding this feature because I believe it will improve this product reliability and accuracy a lot.


Use different Detection Zones for each Waypoint

Only one detection zone is used for all Waypoints, so the “most conservative of all regions” must be used. If each Waypoint had it’s own detection zone, the zones at each location could be much larger, allowing it to capture more events.

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I find this extreamly frustrating… I set up the detection zone, however, when the camera moves a little bit, It then changes the zone and therefore notifys me to the point that I have turned all alerts off… I tried to call the company, but it doesn’t seem like the people that answer know the product well enough to fix the issue…