Pan problem

Hi. I got my pan cam home yesterday and it was no problem to connect it and update the firmware. However, what is a problem is that it does not want to rotate sideways. When I try to steer it sideways it stops and says it is in the end position, even if the stop is far away. When I try to continue, it stands still for a short while and I hear that the engine tries to rotate it but nothing happens and it comes up that it is in the end position. when I run the reset it moves choppy but only a short distance, not in the full end positions. I have tried the steps in troubleshooting. How do I solve the problem?

What firmware version ? the latest one.

If you slowly manually rotate the cam does it feel rough ?
You did reset your way points ?

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It feels smooth and i can move it carefully to the end in both ways by hand. I haven’t set any way point´s by my self so it´s the original way points. Pan scan does not work thou it can’t move probably. I have reset the position under motor controls but it only move´s 50-60°, not the complete range.

Strange …
There are a lot of post on the Cam Pan rotational issues.
I’d do a search if you haven’t already ?

If so, I’d open up a ticket with Wyze.

Have done that many times. Only rotate a short distance.

Sorry, I edit a lot … it’s a condition …lol

It’s ok :slight_smile: I appreciate your help.

I havn´t find anything helpful yet. I´m not at home now so I will try to do a complete reset when I come home from work. I dont think it will help, it sound like a mechanical problem, but can be worth trying,

For me that a last resort to do a reset.
But how can you break something that’s already broken …sort of.

Check back before doing a factory reset, maybe some else has more info about this issue of yours.

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So, back at home. I lade a short movie so you can hear and see the behavior.

Problems, the movie :slight_smile:

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After factory reset, from the phone.

From the phone

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I’d contact Wyze and see if they can help.

Wyze Customer Service

1 (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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