Pan more sensative to motion after Person Alert update .108

First off, great update Wyze! I’m really liking the Person Alert feature so far. Already gave it a test and it seems to be working well!

I have Pan mounted in a window facing our driveway. I have the sensitivity set up so we’ll only get alerts when a vehicle or a person enters the driveway. It won’t pick up vehicles going down the road during the daylight hours. I may get the occasional contractor/landscaper towing an enclosed trailer, box truck or garbage truck. It typically doesn’t pick up passenger vehicles.

After the update, I’m getting a lot more events on that camera from vehicles going down the road. I double checked the motion sensitivity and nothing changed after the update. In fact, I pulled back the sensitivity a bit.

Anyone else seeing this at all?

I was able to dial back the sensitivity settings and the cam is working as it was prior. Just interesting that the update made the came a bit more sensitive to motion. All is well now! Will test out with another Pan I have at a different location this weekend and report back.

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Do you mean I’m 99.9% sure a FW is not available yet. I’m glad you were able to get it working to your satisfaction. :slight_smile:

LOL! I just figured out what I did! When I looked at the cam’s info to view the firmware version, I accidentally wrote down the last three digits of the cams IP number! At lest it was close. I made the fix in the title in case this comes up for someone in the future or in a search.

Thanks for catching that @DreadPirateRush !

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