Pan Cam v2, RTSP?

Will the Pan Cam v2 get a RTSP firmware treatment in the future?

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Somewhere here I red that it likely will, but it will be a while (quite a while).

There is a current wishlist item, but it tagged as maybe later.

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With TEN votes… sadly it’ll be a significant amount of time before the Wyze Cam v2 see’s RTSP:


Has anyone tried to use the RTSP image for the Pan Cam V1?

Won’t work…different underlying hardware/firmware.

For those that want to let Wyze know that they want to see RTSP on the Pan Cam v2, be sure and vote here:


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I wish they would clearly indicate on the Wyze Cam RTSP support page that it’s not supported for Pan V2, just the original Pan which they don’t sell any more. I just bought the Pan V2 assuming it supports RTSP and wasted hours trying to flash it unsucessfully.

That is a good point and I have reached out and let them know they should update that info.

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I wish I had found this topic specific to the Pan V2 product not being a part of the Pan Cam RSTP. Lots of time wasted. The ability to hold the setup button at the same time as connecting the power on the camera is one that will be an issue if Wyze ever gets its act together.

I also purchased the Pan Cam V2 with the intention of using it with RTSP. I would prefer an update rather than returning this device.

Not happening anytime soon, at least to everything I can find from Wyze.

I’m probably decommissioning mine I really need RTSP support I made a mistake purchasing this. Lesson learned… :sweat_smile:

Is Cam Pan v2 is not supporting RTSP? If not by now, I am going to return it and find one that does. Hopefully Wyze realizes this is key feature that moves their hardware.

I think they have forgotten what made them successful initially. At one time they did a few things well and inexpensively. I have a feeling that they are not an innovation company like I once thought they were. Their stuff seems to be tied to foreign developed products. Who knows who really is supporting the software upgrades needed by keeping multi-development streams including RSTP. Returning the product by people like you and not buying any more by people like me are the only way to make our needs understood.

Still not here–

Same, I’m pretty ticked off that I had bought one a couple years ago that worked well but failed anytime I tied to update the firmware (even through the app) and figured I’d just buy a couple more and go the manual firmware out only to find it’s not supported and the files/instructions have been taken down the last couple weeks… Now I’m spending the rest of the day trying to return these :confused: Wyze either reenable the api endpoint to the video stream or release the RTSP support

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Yeah I just bought a Pan Cam V2 and pretty disappointed that is does not support RTSP. I believe I will be returning this…

When RTSP for pan v2 will be available? It’s difficult to work with indefinite schedule. :((

Here is the Wish List item for this, but I don’t think it is going to happen anytime soon since RTSP is an offshoot of the production firmware and Wyze has pulled the links to it for other cameras.

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