Wyze Cam Pan v2 Protocol RTSP

I am interested in using the RTSP protocol on Wyze Cam Pan v2 to connect it to Zone Minder

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I guess the first question is if the original Pan and the v2 Pan use different firmware, or is it the same firmware… Don’t have the answer. If it’s the same firmware, then RTSP is already available for it.

I had talked to support and it seems the firmware is different

Not surprising, but would have made it easy…

The firmware is indeed different between the v1 and v2. There was a post elsewhere (linked below), to not expect RTSP for probably a year on Pan v2.

I saw her post on it yesterday.

I have 6 V3’s running RTSP firmware, monitoring them via Blue Iris. I’d like to get a few Cam Pan v2’s, but only if the have RTSP firmware available, so I can monitor/control them via Blue Iris


It will get there - eventually.

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This is something I need or I’ll have to return the two cameras I bought. Thought they had RTSP available for them, but thanks to the not-at-all clear naming scheme I was mistaken.

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The original Cam Pan supports a separate firmware for RTSP, they do not have one for the v2 yet and there is no current ETA

I just bought 8 of the V2s at Home Depot assuming Wyze had their act together. Without RTSP support, this thing is useless and will be returned to the store. I install these all the time as a low cost alternative to more expensive cameras for my customers who want to use NVRs like Synology or QNAP.
Wyze, if you are listening… this is an easy fix and should be a priority. It is going to end up costing you in lost sales.


I just spent all afternoon trying 4 different SD cards and wondering why the Pan V2 would keep saying “ready to connect”. Ugh. Didn’t realize that https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026245231-Wyze-Cam-RTSP didn’t include Pan V2.

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I had the same problem with my V2 upgrade. Finally reformatted my SD card using the format setting in the app and reloaded demo.bin file. All lights proceeded as described and camera rebooted with solid blue light. To my dissappointment the app never upgraded to include a selection for RSTP as described and now I can get anyone to answer my support request.


Apparently Wyze doesn’t care. Returned the Pan v2s and bought some Amcrest cams. Much better 3rd party support.


Same here.

Hopefully this will arrive sooner rather than later. Its interesting that Wyze seems to not include things that obviously has enhanced a previous version. I mean Wyze Cam v2, lots of clamour for RTSP gets it and then releases V3 without RTSP,??? wait for forever for it to come down the pipes.
Seems the same here, Folks if its in a previous version, guess what?, people expect it in the next version.

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Jason, What progress of RTSP support for Pan V2? It’s tedious to manage multiple cameras without full integration to the NVRs, an immediate response is highly appreciated.


Would love to see RTSP for my two Cam Pan v2s as well.


You are better off dumping them and going with a brand that supports RTSP.
I was fortunate enough to return mine to the store and haven’t looked back at Wyze.

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