Pan Cam Remote Control Jerking and then flying to 180 degrees

All of a sudden, both of my two Pan Cams started doing the same thing. When controlling them on my iphone to rotate them, in either direction, they “jerk” in small increments. It takes several pushes on the dial on the phone app to get the camera to move 90 degrees. One press too many and wham, the camera rotates to it’s stop position. Both cameras doing the same thing. Same time. Anyone else had this problem and if so, were you able to correct it?

I have seen this when my wifi is not particularly happy or my callused hands and fingers don’t quite touch the screen well.

You send a command to the camera, it takes a moment, you keep trying, then all of the sudden the camera is all over the place with the small taps or longer holds that are taking time to register to the camera.

For the wifi connection, I usually do a restart of the camera or wireless access point. This helps if you’ve got a lot of traffic and just want to clean it up.

But more often than the above, Its the other for me… lotion or a stylus, When my Samsung Note10+ was my daily driver I found myself using the pen quite often in the colder months. My hands just don’t do very well on smaller touch screen devices (even the Max iPhone and Samsung + sizes)

And of course always make sure you are the most up to date firmware and Wyze app version.

But this is just my experience

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I have done all of the things you suggested, but to no avail. Really appreciate your response.

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How far and what’s in-between the pans and your wifi source? Is your phone on the same wifi? If your cams are fairly far away id test by moving them closer to the wifi source, atleast to the same room.

Well its simple…do a hard reboot on both sign out of app,then back in

Okie Dokie. I’m giving that a whirl right now. I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well. What can I say. No change in either camera. Something I have noticed is a) both cameras started acting up at the same time. I use them to keep an eye on our dogs when we are gone and b) I was poking around and found the date for the last firmware update and it looks like it’s right about the same time as my problem began. I appreciate your input.