Pan cam 3 pool sun reflection

Pan cam 3 way points aren’t being honored because the smart detection is picking up the sun reflection off the pool as motion and staying focused on it.

I only have people and pets selected on my cam plus smart detection settings. When vehicle was also selected it notifies that a vehicle was detected, presumably because it interpreted the sun reflection as a headlight. But even with vehicle detection off the camera stays focused on the part of the pool where the sun reflection is making the camera mostly useless because the camera has the rest of the areas out of view and won’t scan them to detect the items I have configured. I can’t imagine it’s challenging to feed images of a pool with sunlight through the relevant models for motion and vehicle detection so this is ignored. Please correct this.

The camera is doing what it is designed to do. The camera knows nothing about the smart AI detection - that all happens after a motion video is uploaded to the Wyze servers for AI processing.

You would likely be better off with one or more if needed fixed cameras to cover the intended area.

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The pan v3 doesn’t itself see “person”, “vehicle” etc. The camera only sees pixel change like the moving reflections on the pool surface. If you have events uploaded to the cloud, that’s where the AI is that analyses the video and marks it with recognized objects. If you want to monitor an area that has alot of motion. Pixel change etc. I’d say maybe think about getting fixed cameras or don’t use the motion tracking and just use pan scan.