Pan Cam v3 Useless Outdoors

The title pretty much says it all.

On even a slightly breezy day, the cam will pickup motion from the shadow of leaves on the driveway and chase them all around, eventually facing the wall until the breeze stops, then repeats.

The sensitivity is as low as it can go and still pick up a person.

I could turn off tracking, but that would defeat the purpose of having the camera follow some uninvited person on my property.

So as I said - pretty much useless.

I have a cam plus subscription and I set notifications on for people, cars and pets. If Wyze can differentiate between them for the purpose of notification, why not for tracking - that is only track what you are interested in, not all motion?

Simple, tracking is done entirely in the camera, and notification processing is done entirely in the cloud. It would be almost impossible to track if every movement required sending video to the Wyze servers, and then sending the motion commands back to the camera. The lag time would kill it.

If you need coverage over a wide area, use multiple cameras.

I have several Wyze Pan cameras (original and V3 versions). For the most part, I do not enable motion tracking. I point to what I want to look at. For example at a two way radio site, one of the Pan V3 cameras is normally looking at the driveway from the road to our building, but when there is a rocket launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base, I point it the other direction to attempt to catch the flight.

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So you basically use a Pan Cam as a regular Cam. I think you just made my point !

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I don’t think the pan cam is useless. The ability to move/pan the camera where I want at anytime from anywhere is nice. I use it with motion tracking OFF so that it doesn’t move, but I mostly leave it fixed on a particular area. But if I want to remotely monitor some other area based on what I had seen, I can do that, but with a fixed camera, I simply can’t.
Everyone has different uses for different versions and features. I for one like this camera version.

Looks like poolboy610 and I use our Pan Cams in very similar fashion.