Pan 3 cannot connect

A pan 3 arrived Friday. It was unable to connect to my network which has eight v2, v3, pan 1, and battery cams functioning. I have not been able to update these since last fall. When I try, the cameras fail and I have to flash with last fall’s version.
So, I ran the new pan 3 through the troubleshooting suggestions several times and a chat to no avail.
A replacement arrived Monday. Same thing. So I tried two other routers. Still unable to connect.

Any suggestions?

Is your network a split 2.4 and 5ghz, or combined? Try disabling 5ghz temporarily during setup. Make sure your phone is on the 2.4ghz when setting up.

What step do you get stuck on during setup?

Thanks. Yes, I disable the 5 ghz and confirm both are using the 2.4.
The cameras accept the QR Code and move on to the next step but are unable to connect.

What router are you using? Are you aware of it’s max device limit?

TP Link AC 2300. Not sure how many devices it is rated.
No problem when 30+ family and their devices visit over the holidays.

Also tried older TP and Belkin. Not able to connect with those either.

Interesting, how old is that router?

Just a few years. I upgraded when the local ISP updated their equipment.

I can’t think of anything else than a network issue, though it is strange that it occurs on 3 different routers. I assume those routers are of similar age/older?

I would suggest looking into a nicer router. ISP supplied routers are underpowered and struggle with modern bandwidth, especially security cameras. That may not be the cause for this issue but as you add cameras to your home it definitely will overwhelm the network.

A mesh system is probably your best bet depending on the size of your home. Wyze makes a mesh system, and so do many other brands like TPLink, Eero, etc.

May be worth looking into.

Recently installed TP Link Deco EX75. Had no issues with cameras prior. Now the Pan V3 continually gets a Code 27 error. I have deleted the camera numerous times and re-installed with same issue, I have re-done the router several times. Again does not work. All the other wyze cameras are working fine.

Thanks for your thoughts and advice. The other routers are 7-11 years old. Will look into a mesh system.

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