Pam Cam Flashing Blue Light

Bought new Pam Cams from Amazon. Upgraded them to new firmware after setting them up.

Issue: Can view the live stream while on same WiFi network but can’t connect to cam or vie live stream while on cellular. The blue light also keep flashing.

I’m getting sounds alerts so looks like cameras are working but not showing the live view.

Can someone help?

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Were you able to fix the problem cause I’m having the same issue

This is an old thread but there currently is an issue they are working on with this issue. Hoping to have it fixed some time tonight you can follow in this thread

Or here

Is your device recently purchased and activated? There is a widespread issue causing trouble with newly activated devices. Let me see if I can post a link.

Yep, see threads in previous post :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up: