Outdoor use

Which item do you all use for outside your homes?

Welcome. I use a v2, and a pan camera. Both have weathered all the elements.

I have 2 motion sensors outside currently ( under protected areas) they trigger cameras inside facing outside through windows.

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I have 2 cameras and 2 motion sensors outdoors (all sheltered under overhangs).

Anyone used contact sensors outdoors?

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how did you mount them? Did you just use the rear adhesive on the sensor? Is that strong enough (to resist winds and withstand cold/heat/humidity)? TIA :slight_smile:

I mounted some of my sensors using these inexpensive screw mount brackets:

Wyze Sensor Mounting Bracket,Screw Mount Solution for Wyze Sense Starter Kit

If I were to mount under an eve, do I need a cover? I live just south of Dallas and sometimes rain goes sideways, but most of the time, the eve is dry underneath,

sorry it took me a minute to respond to you @ItalianInCali

keep in mind they were in protected places, but here is the post I made.

Yes indeed, my installation has the PIR also protected from wind and rain as it’s under the roof’s overhang section at the entrance. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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my big thing I needed was the ability to move and aim it freely. these worked out very very well. and they were cheap lol

Yes. I have one on my outside shed. That way if someone opens the door, I am alerted and my cam begins recording. The only downside, it seems to drain the battery in the sensor quicker. Mine says it has low battery and has only been installed out there a out 4-5 months.

I use these pan cam covers from amazon and camera are mounted under the eves. They fit snug over the cameras and seem to do a great job. I live near Houston, so weather probably similar.