Sense Motion detector mounting outside on tree suggestions

I would like to mount my Sense Motion detector on a tree outside and I am thinking about getting an electrical box with a clear plastic front. Has anyone tried to do this? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Are you planning on it being a permanent mount? Or do you just want it there for a short amount of time? That might help us determine how to mount it.

@Bam is using a motion sensor outside on his porch. I’m sure he can give you some good tips, and there are several users using them outside as well. I currently do not have any motion sensors outside so I’m not much help.

The sensor is designed for indoor use only, so it will have to be protected from the elements. Keep in mind the battery life may be shortened due to extreme outdoor temperatures as well.


That will hinder the sense motion sensor from detecting things. I believe you’ll want the motion sensor to be open to the front or it won’t see anything. The motion sensors are PIR triggered, whereas the cameras have software that detects pixel change, which most times detect motion. Which is why cameras like that can be placed to look out windows.

Edit/ I found a random video on the tubes which illustrates my above comments. I have experienced this personally with thermal cameras at work. PIR sensors work fairly the same way.


Here’s mine on my outside porch. It’s set on a routine to turn on the lights at night when my dog comes back from doing her business so I know she’s at the front door. I actually used stuff. And it has been up for several months all through the winter and has worked all the way down to 20 below the coldest we’ve gotten.

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I would like it to be mounted permanently other than battery changes.

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Thanks for the video. I guess I will have to think about something else.

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Wow that’s cold. I was going to put it on my porch (currently there for testing) but I want to minimize false positives and get a good lead time to turn on my lights. That is why I want to put it on a tree in the front yard pointing toward my house. Thanks for the mounting tip.

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Other things to consider are:

  1. Distance and clearance to the camera with the bridge so that the motion sensor can still phone home.
  2. Detection area that you want to motion sensor to detect.

Kudos though for thinking outside the box, hopefully a version of this plan can work for you.

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One thing I would agree with @Omgitstony is to keep it as close to the bridge that you have. I have not had any issues so far with it not working. But I would also put a lithium ion battery in it before you even mount it so that you get good long battery life. Typically the batteries that come with the Wyze sensors are of poor quality. And outside they go dead fast.


Thanks for the tip.

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The plastic front will interfere with the IR signal. I have four outside and have had no problems with them for months. Battery life may shorten so take @paindonthurt‘s suggestion and start with s good name brand battery. Also, carefully clean the battery contacts before installing each battery. Where possible I’ve tried to at least provide a shelf or roof over the top of mine but I also first put a thin film of silicone over the access points. Helps prevent :sweat_drops: water intrusion and it’s easily removable.

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I have mine under the rail of my front porch, been there all winter in the north east with no issues. It is a little protected from the elements and I get very few false detections.


You just gave me a great idea for around our pool deck.

So here is the end result. I got a bracket and a plastic end cap (1.25") from lowes. The other piece is stuff I use to put under shelves or could be for under a carpet so it doesn’t move. I didn’t want to use putty or something else to keep the motion sensor from falling out. This is now wedged in there.

Important: in the pictures you see the end cap in the metal bracket. This blocked the signal. What I ended up doing was loosening the metal bracket, moving the end cap down so there was a quarter inch or so of the straight part in the metal ring, and then tightening it.

This is now working great for me.



Hello wyzecamac.
A very nice install. Clean and simple. If it were mine, the white, gray and metal parts would be painted a dark brown or black.
Also I like the Little Giant latter opened to 180° and extended a little.

Thanks for your comments.

As you mentioned, the ladder extension puts it above the point of someone messing with it. I don’t really notice it unless I am looking for it and the position is on the other side of the tree from the front yard so someone coming near my front door won’t see it.

With rain and wind I have had no problems so I think it is positioned well. Snow test next winter will be the last thing to check.

If the snow becomes a problem then you would place a small gable roof over it, or place it in a bird house with no room for a bird.

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