Wyze sense mount inside Window Screen?

I assume this would work.
Future Scenario:
Wyze motion sense sensor–not connected to camera to record.
WHen detects motion will turn on Alexa lights and such.

I already have a Wyze sense to use the PIR feature and the Wyze camera indoors and some Alexa routines to turn on about 7 lights, switches and make announcements.

I was thinking of adding a Wyze sensor outside ideally between screen and window–of course making sure no water can get in it. Then if anyone passes by window screen, it will trigger some outside lights and an Alexa near the door. Do not want false alarms.
Assume no problem with this and no camera attached, correct?
No camera recording outside right now until I get another camera and perhaps a spotlight or decent LED panel with a bunch of 850nm LED’s.

Tx, Peter

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I did not say camera. Sorry. I stated external motion sensor.


I apologize. I read that wrong after a very long day at work. Sorry for any confusion. I’ll get rid of that as it is completely misplaced.

N o problem. The question still stands if the external sense motion sensor part can work through an outdoor screen assuming I make it water proof (no warranty of course)…

Tx, Peter

I think it “should” work, although I suspect that there would be a decrease in sensitivity or even a major decrease in sensitivity. It may also depend on the density of the screen.

Another possible issue is that most PIR sensors work by measuring changes in the background heat signatures. The screen may get warm and thus conceal actual heat signatures of objects beyond.

If you do stick it there and try it out please report back.

I have a motion sensor outside within the top recess of a brick facade of a window. It’s mounted with it tilted down a bit (because I only wanted to capture motion on my sidewalk not the street beyond) but I had to use white electricians tape across the the top to cut down on it’s sensitivity. The whole area is under a porch roof so rain isn’t a problem. Long winded but I’m saying it “should” work easily because they are very sensitive.