Adjust motion sensor on Sense

Is there a way, or is it being developed, to lower the sensitivity of the Sense motion sensor? I need it to just pick up about 5-7 foot in front of it.

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To my knowledge, there is no means of changing the PIR sensitivity of the motion sensors. Perhaps a firmware change would accommodate that.

You could Mount the sensor at an angle something like This or some other way

you could search around for a small camera Mount So you could Stick the sensor to that and adjust your angle where you need it

an example of something you might find Searching , This is Very low profile compared to A lot of other camera Mounts, I know because I have one

I don’t know if this would even work, but you could (this will sound silly) mount the motion sensor inside either a toilet paper tube or paper towel tube and move it either closer to the front/rear to narrow the detection area… Kinda like what it’s like when walking down a bridge tunnel, the closer you get to the end the wider area you are able to see…

Hopefully that idea may help.


Heck it might work if you just put tape on the upper half of the sensor, easy enough to try out

Could maybe try one of these…

Obviously one should consider the necessity of battery replacement when attaching a sensor permanently.

I don’t think of double stick tape as permanent

I was just about to make a post about this, glad I searched lol.

I put mine above my front door because I wanted to detect motion on my front porch, but it seems to be detecting too many things, its constantly getting triggered.

BTW, I thought the sensor was heat sensitive? mine goes off with no one or animals near it?

Every motion detector I set up, I don’t use the adhesive anymore.

I use velcro hook and loop tape by scotch.

I just cut an inch square each of the hooks and loops strip.

Attaches firmly. Easy to remove.