DIY motion sensor mount

Here is my new indoor motion sensor mount that is “Asthetically Acceptable” as per the self proclaimed “New House Asthetics police” … “no object shall be bla, bla bla…” Works really well and can move and holds position. I’m thinking of a glue or epoxy other than super glue that would “lock it in place” for outdoor use. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Multi-purpose/Light object (Wyze Motion Sensor Mount)
Parts Links:

Round Acrylic Plastic Beads 10 mm
3/4"Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mounts
Size 33 - White Rubber bands

(not pictured 3M Command Strips)

Start with this (you can get away with just one RB)

Cut the RB’s at an angle for easier threading. Remove the double stick from one of the cable tie connectors.

Cut the screw hole support 4 to remove the screw hole

Screw hole removed.

Thread the RB’s through the Cable tie slots in the object side.

Octopus mode… Through the wall side.

Pull them tight without the bead.

Tie the two RB’s together. Here is the “one contiguous band method”

Or… You can tie each band individually straight across and push knots to the side. I prefer this method as the bands tend to stay in place better. The contiguous tie method seems to work fine but the bands tend to roll and twist when adjusting. Alternatively, you could use one rubber band and weave it starting bottom to top and tie just one knot. Either way, only minimal tension on the bands is needed as they stick very well to the bead and the lesser amount of tension, the better I figure…. Trim excess RB and stuff the knots into the open screw hole cavity so the double stick will go flush. Another set of hands comes in “handy” when tying these RB’s together.

Stretch it put the bead in, add a 3M command strip and…

Here you go.

Assembly time: under 5 minutes (with practice)

Total Retail $41.46 + tax and shipping from amazon makes 50 mounts w/ 50 beads extra. $ .83ea.

Round Acrylic Plastic Beads 10 mm

3/4"Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mounts

Size 33 - White Rubber bands

3M Command Large Refill Strips, White

Nice write up ,

Apologies, don’t post much… wanted a little more feedback and wasn’t sure if it was a continuation of someone else’s thread

No , I’m sorry , I Apologize , I screwed up , you didn’t start a thread , you just posted in an existing one.
Again, great idea :+1:

I like the epoxy idea. I am thinking of a putty-like epoxy that could be pushed and molded behind and around the tension bands, completely covering them. For best results the epoxy would need to bond to the ball seats.

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