Outdoor sensor

Does wyze make a motion sensor for outdoors? Id like to place the one at the beginning of my really long driveway. And maybe one part way down. So that i get a warning when people are coming down the driveway.

The one motion sensor i found says its for indoor use only.

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Your biggest concern may be notification speed. I presume you want to be notified ASAP, certainly before they ring your doorbell.

The only “outdoor” motion sensor that can be used in a power-free environment is the Outdoor Camera (not the V3, which requires power). The Outdoor Camera is battery-powered, and has a PIR motion sensor built-in. The minus is notifications take longer for it than for a Sense motion sensor (it has to “wake up”, for one). So you may not get the notification until the visitors are at knocking at your door.

OTOH, Sense motion detectors work very fast. So fast my signal Bulb is lit before they are halfway down the driveway. Problem is, they don’t have the signal range of the Outdoor Camera, and aren’t designed for outdoors.

My solution was to use an old V1 Sense motion sensor close to the house over my front door under an overhang to detect people or cars coming down my driveway. Now, I have a suburban driveway, but the signal light lights up before the car even stops rolling, or a walker can get to the doorbell.

I know I wouldn’t get a warranty replacement if it failed, but I was fine with that. Besides, it has been out there under the overhang for a couple years with no issues. :slight_smile: A Sense V2 sensor should work the same, but you will need the Hub for that.

YoLink/YoSmart makes a long distance outdoor motion sensor.

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Check out the product line called Yolink. Uses an inexpensive hub but its protocol is called LoRa, for Long Range. Distance is 1/4 mile/1,000 feet. They make an outdoor sensor. Products are really good. They also make a speakerhub for announcements that you can bring up a sound file and voice. Very cool products. Available on Amazon and Yosmart.com

They even make a water cutoff value you can connect to a water sensor. If the sensor detects water, you can trigger it to shut off the water. Great for basements, eh?