V2 sensors without HMS and outdoor use?

Can the v2 motion sensors be used outdoors under eaves and will they function without HMS?
Also, are the actually good? The V1 sense door and motion sensors were crap quality and almost all of them are dead/bricked with in 2 years. Rather not waste money on v2 if they are crap and are unreliable. I feel Wyze started strong but now if feels like just another cheap Chinese crap quality!

Only works with HMS and version 2 is completely different

You can use them without HMS, but right now, you have to subscribe to HMS to get the hub. They might work outside but they aren’t designed for that. As far as quality, only time will tell. They’re too new to know for sure but there do appear to be problems with the hubs.

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I been using a V1 motion sensor under a front porch overhang for years, but it doesn’t get wet at all. Not even mist.

I say that because I would wonder how any motion sensor would react to mist on the lens. Would bet that would be a temperature cooldown, and with any droplets that form, coolness motion. In other words, heat changes.

So I’d definitely make sure it stays dry if you put one outdoors. And obviously out of sight of the sun, any any heat sources you don’t care about, like the neighbor’s kids, their lawn mower, cars on the street, people on the sidewalk by the street, etc. It’s a noisy world out there for heat sensing motion-sensors, lol.

My V1 only sees cars & people near the front door and works great. :slight_smile:

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I have both the V1 and V2 sensors outside under the eaves and on my porch. Been out there for a number of months wothout issues. They seemto function and are reliable. This will be the first winter whee the V2 Motion will be outdoors, so I will see how they function.

As for quality, for me, they are better than the V1 for distance from the hub and do Alert when needed after a few adjustments to angle it down a bit. However, the V1 seem to cover further distances for sensing, not sure exactly why, I am sure I need to angle it correctly or better.

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