Driveway Alarm/Sensor

It would be nice to have a sensor for your driveway to let you know if someone enters or comes down your driveway, it wouldn’t have to be a camera just a device that rings.

I use a camera with a detection zone.

I have also used a motion sensor, but you need to cover it in a way to basically waterproof it to use it outside. Wyze is launching version 2 of their sensors soon, so you can wait and see if those are better for this purpose.

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There’s a #wishlist idea for outdoor sensors here:

That might also help out @carverofchoice with their application.

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Thanks, I voted for it.

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You do know these are available right? Or I guess your meaning you want wyze to make one?

Yes I know there available, I use one, I think it would be useful, to get notifications when your not home.

Hello gburks83.
A motion sensor fitted with a shield (such as a toilet paper core) could be aimed across the driveway at a target board. The target board (or maybe a large enough plant) keeps the motion sensor from picking up any infrared from behind the board. A plastic rain protector cut from a bottle could be placed over the motion sensor and its shield.
Check out this link:
Motion Sensor Shield

In your case, the paper core would need to be 4" long or more?
Victor Maletic.