Outdoor plugs not following rule

I have 3 outdoor plugs connected to Christmas lights. I created a group for them and added a rule for them to come on from 4:30pm to 11pm every day. They come on fine but never turn off. I have confirmed that the firmware is up to date on all of the plugs.

Can you post a screenshot of your rule that you used and make sure all the actions are visible? Also, can you take a screenshot of your rules history screen to show what did or didn’t happen? Did the rule fire at the end time or did it error out for some reason?

It definitely looks like it should work. What actual app version are you using? And what actual firmware version is on the plugs?

I have pretty much the same outdoor Christmas light rule as you but my end time runs into the next day and have had no issues yet.

In the interim, I’d say you can make a another rule and have the only action being turning off that Christmas light group at say 1105p to make sure they turn off.

App version is 2.48.0 (6)
Firmware version

I’ll try setting up a second rule, thanks.

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That was my first take as well. Write it as two separate rules - one to turn them on and a separate rule to turn them off. That’s the way I do it (individual plugs, not groups) and it works perfectly every day for years.

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