Rules linked to multiple devices not working

I created a rule for both sockets on the outdoor plug to turn off and on at the same time, but only 1 of them follows the rule. I’ve edited the rule multiple times and deleted it altogether and created a new one, to no avail. Anyone else run into this?

Can you post a screen shot of the rule in here? Make sure all actions you have are shown.

What app version are you using? What firmware version is in your outdoor plug? What does your rule history show happened when the rule triggers? (From the home page click account, then rules then the history tab). Are you waiting for the start time in the rule to occur? Even if you are within the time designated for the rule, you still need to wait for the start time to happen then the end time to happen for it to trigger correctly. Are you sure there are no more hidden secret actions added to the rule below this line?

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Firmware all says up to date. Plug= App= 2.26.36. I had no idea I can see the history of rules, so thanks! They all say succeeded though. I don’t see any hidden actions, either.