Event History

Looking at the event history page for some of my plugs I see the same event is listed twice for each of the three events that I’m going to show below. Each event is listed two minutes apart. Can someone explain why this is happening?

Please post a screenshot of these three rules from their setup menu.

Is this happening daily or was this a one time occurance?

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Slab, these are happening on a regular basis.

One that I sent you was the wrong one. This is the correct one below.

It looks like you have the rules set to execute in the evening to turn on the plugs and again in the morning to turn off the plugs.

This should translate into two daily entries for each rule per day. An off command in the morning and a on command in the evening.

Why there would be two commands in the morning is curious.

When you expand each of the rules in the rules history for the two commands mere minutes apart, is one executing an on action and the other an off action or are they both for the same action?

One possible workaround is to have seperate rules for on and off.


Thought about this a bit more. You may also get different results if you modify each of the rules to execute an OFF action for the devices starting in the morning and ending in the evening. That way the rule executes both off and on in the same day.

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Beans, will try your suggestions tonight. Thanks

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Slab, first of all I’ll note that I posted my last note to beans and it should’ve been addressed to you.
In any case I thought through your suggestions and realize that all my other plugs are programmed the way I have these three problem ones programmed problem being that they show up twice for each OFF event on the history page.
Therefore I am going to do what I did with my problem switches a while back to see if I can solve it. I deleted each of the three problem plugs and reinstalled them with recreated but same rules. I’ll let you know tomorrow if that works.

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Deleting then reinstalling the post lamp smart plug with same rules as it previously had did not work. Today I’m going with your suggestion. I’ve included two screenshots. Do I have it right ?… Tom

No. If you have on and off in the same rule, it will perform both simultaniously at the start and then the opposite of both simultaniously at the end.

Need to delete the ON action for the plug.

Turn them on manually the night before it goes live and see if it turns them off the next morning and then on in the evening.

Like this ?

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That should work. Make sure it is on tonight after sunset and then monitor to see what it does tomorrow.

As long as there are no other rules acting on that plug an there are no local schedules programmed into the plug settings, the light should go off an hour before sunrise and the back on just before sunset. The rule should show in the Hx as only expecting the Off and On once for the day.

Ok, I have no local schedules or other rules set for this plug. Will let you know….Tom

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You came through again. Your suggested Rule alteration worked perfectly.

I had a hard time figuring out why the rule I was using caused double HISTORY hits because my oyher plugs worked fine. Your explanation made me understand that the other plugs did not span an overnight but rather during same day. Now I get it.
Thanks again, Tom

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I’m glad you do. I don’t!

That isn’t the way rules are supposed to work. Theoretically, having a rule execute in two seperate calendar days shouldn’t cause any issues and definitely shouldn’t be causing duplicate actions several minutes apart.

My suggestion was just to eliminate any possible variables, like reporting the same rule in two seperate calendar days.

Not sure why it worked, but I am glad it did! Wyze needs to test and fix that!

I totally agree that rules souldn’t work this way, However your thought process to work around the problem did work. I agree Wyze should fix this but I will probably never know they fixed it if they do.

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