Double schedule run from wyze plug rules

Since the beginning of October the following error has been presented on the wyze plug ruler. I have two plugs and one on them is off and has a ruler assigned (right now off) not similar the ruler of tv plug. What will do for fix this?


Welcome to the group! It looks like the rule that is failing or timing out is set to turn “off” the tv plug from it’s time range. The accompanying rule is set to turn on the TV plug. Is it timing out because the plug is already off? And your trying to turn it off again? If it’s supposed to match it’s matching rule is say change it to “turns on”.

I think that is what your issue is, will that solve your problem?

Saying that because those are the only rules that don’t match each other. Weither it’s supposed to be on or off, you’ll need to go through and verify the correct state you want them to be. :slight_smile:

Edit again/ to help with troubleshooting, you may want to label the plugs differently. Ex “Tv Plug #1” and “TV plug #2”, or “living room TV plug” and “man cave tv plug”. I had to read over your comments to make sure you had two plugs, I thought it was one because they are labeled the same.

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