Wyze Plug Time Out errors

Have 4 Wyze Plugs controlling lamps around the house. I have schedule rules to have them turn and off in the evening. Initially, the scheduled times worked well but now I notice that they’re not coming on or if they come on they might not go off. The log shows time-out errors. WiFi is rock solid with very strong signal strength so that’s not the issue. If not WiFi, what?

Hi @shop.jq, welcome to the community!

Is this still happening? If so, have you updated the Plug firmware to the latest? How far away from the router are the plugs, and have you seen any pattern to which ones fail to turn on/off? If one or two of them fail more often than the others you could try swapping locations with the ones that work better and see if the issue follows the location or the plugs.

Still happening. No matter where. The wifi is solid. The plugs are just unreliable. Some nights they turn on some nights they don’t. Yes, they are up to date.