Outdoor Plug Schedule Controls Wrong Outlet

I have a Wyze Outdoor Plug.

Outlet ! is connected to a floodlight. Outlet 1 operates correctly; the floodlight goes on and off as scheduled.

Outlet 2 is connected to a soaker hose. When the soaker hose is scheduled to come on, the floodlight comes on instead. When the soaker hose is scheduled to go off the floodlight goes off.

I can operate both outlets manually from the app.

I have deleted and re-entered the soaker hose schedule, but the problem persists.



This has been an issue and Wyze doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge it for some reason. I keep trying to post it in the hope someone would see it, but so far no luck.

Mostly the workaround is just setting up a rule to turn it off and on.

It’s not a hardware problem – it’s the firmware.

Screw this. I’m buying a Kasa plug.