Outdoor Plug Power on default

I’m planning on using these to control generator power to appliances, etc powered in an remote off grid situation. I only run the generator when I’m there every so often. My question is when the outdoor plug is powered up do they default to off or on and can that be set ? (the default power up mode)

It is settable to what you want,we have ours set to last state

Excellent - Thanks !

We bought ours on ebay from 69radioman cheaper than from wyze,Amazon

I’m seeing 16.77 just for shipping from him. Amazon is 17.98 and free shipping ?

Ok im just telling you that’s where we got ours last year…and I know that wyze had 2 price increases this year I just looked and I see its selling at $5.88 plus freight which is cheap to me we like to buy from small dealers vs big box money goes local thanks