Outdoor case blocking or weakening sensor bridge signal?

So I have a larger house and it appeared that some of the sensors on the opposite end of the bridge were extremely unreliable. As in they would constantly go offline or not update the status of the door. Example: When the door was opened they would still show closed for hours or never update. I would have to restart the camera for it to refresh.

To resolve the issue I purchased another starter kit and plugged the extra bridge into a cam that is much closer to the trouble sensors. However, when I configure the sensors to the new bridge that is much closer (12 ft, no walls), I still get the extremely unreliable performance and the signal strength still shows 1 bar. The bridge is plugged to a panning camera that is wrapped with plastic and has one of those outdoor housing covering the bridge. Could this be impacting or weakening the signal?

While the cameras have proven to be solid and reliable, the sensors are proving to be difficult and unreliable.