Connect Sensor signal strength

One of my contact sensors is not working very well, Bc I believe it is far from my camera.

Should I buy a new bridge and connect it to my other camera ?
I have 4 cameras all around my home and one bridge and 6 connect Sensors.

where do you have it mounted? what material is it on?

how far is it away and how many wall are in between it and the router? usually barriers will be the biggest impediment to signal.

It is mounted on an Aluminum side door , in the back, and there are 1 wall between them.

Would it help if I put air foam between the sensor and the door, meaning I leverage both side of the sensors with a Plastic foam

How my supposed to find out about the range that the sensors will work?

Sorry for the time delay. got busy on my days off.

ok, so let me clairify, when you say, there is one wall between them, is that one wall AND the door? as the signal has to go through the door as well, or is it on the near side of the door.

I guess the quickest way to see if the door is the interfereance would be to remove it from the door, and hold it a foot or two aways from the door, and look at the signal indicator and see if it changed. then trigger the sensor a few times and see if it behaves better. if it does, I would say its the door. if it stays the same, there a chance it could something in the wall you mentioned or be some sort of electrical interference nearby as well.