What is the range of a wyze sense bridge?

I’m not able to find all the detail even though there are dozens of open topics on Wyze Sense already.
But what is the distance a bridge can successfully work on?

I have about 20 different senses hooked to one bridge, but sometimes some will be online and then others will say offline. Without me doing anything, I notice they are back online.

I’ve not had any issues with the senses closest to the camera bridge hub, but the other ones were able to originally link up without any issues.

Should I consider buying other bridges or thoughts or suggestions?

there are a few variables that will effect the range of the sensors to the bridge. for instance the amount of signal interference ( might effect someone with a neighbor with a dense network or someone living in an apartment building) from others or even other things in your home. Even the construction materials in your home can effect the range of wireless communications with things like the bridge.

for a quick read on interference check this out.

what can cause interference with my network

also things like the placement of the sensors/ cameras can affect your signals. some people (myself included) have attached in one way or another, a break sensor to our garage doors to tell when they are open or closed. having a sensor so close to metal can hamper the signal it can send out. I was lucky to be able to get mine to work without a snag.

also something to keep in mind is that the bridge is your connection to the Wyze servers ( albeit through the camera) so if the camera isnt getting good service, there are fairly simple ways to look at issues with your network itself. maybe you have an ISP router ( which are notorious for limiting number of connections or bandwidth per device) and the cause for sensors or cameras dropping offline is simply your router. do some research into routers and using a combination of a different router and/or extenders to get your cameras, bridge/s and sensors the best chance they have for connection.

so without being there and using a wifi analyzer or other signal quality testers, or perhaps moving your router to different locations to try and improve signal, theres no way to just narrow it down.

look at the simplest thing first and download a wifi analyzer. see how much interference you have going on. its free fast and easy to use. youtube is your friend in this regard ( its how I learn everything these days) maybe then try moving your router around in the house to optimize signal. start with those two things and see where youre at. keep us updated and im sure we can figure out some way to try and help you out a bit.


Not much I can add to @Bam‘s response - he covered it pretty well
Only thing I would contribute is that when issues develop with sensors Power Cycling the cam with the bridge sometimes helps. I use two bridges and have those cams on smart plugs programmed to power cycle them every night in the early morning hours.

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I really appreciate all the responses provided. I’ll play around with all the suggestions you provided as well and thank you for being so quick.

I have my Router on my main floor and then senses in my basement and my upstairs as well.
I do have wifi extenders throughout my house, but I will test the connections based on what you say above.

Thank you again, and I’ll keep you posted and updated.

I may end up adding bridges to my basement and upstairs as well, but just wanted to get a few opinions first.

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