{solved} Sense Kit Bridge Unreliable

I have been trying to get my Sense Kit working over the past few days with little success. The initial setup went great and the sensors all connected on the first try. The sensors seamed to be responsive UNTIL I moved them further than 15 feet away from the bridge. The door sensors will work for ~ 30 minutes and then will become inactive. The bridge tends to lose communication. The solid blue light turns off intermittently and then reconnects but then the sensors will not automatically reconnect and will report as offline until I redo the setup procedure.

All cameras are updated with version and have 85% or greater wifi strength and do not lose connection.

I have now deleted my sensors except 1 to try to troubleshoot but no improvement. Is anyone else having this issue with their bridge? Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks for the help.


I haven’t had any problems, and my sensors are all 15 feet or more away from the bridge, which is also on a different floor.

Totally guessing here…

  1. Maybe there is radio frequency interference between bridge and sensors?
  2. Low battery? Check sensor’s coin battery with a multimeter (the back pops off easily)

Thanks for the response. I don’t have anything that I think would interfere with the radio frequency between the sensor or bridge. I only have WIFI at the house which runs on the typical frequencies but it could potentially be an external source that I don’t know about. The app says the battery is “Normal” but I will definitely check these when I get home tonight with a DMM.

Right now I have the bridge on the second floor directly above the sensor by ~10 feet. I don’t really think it should have this much of an issue. I’ll keep on playing with it. I would love the system if it started working.

Got home and checked the voltage of the battery and it is still a new battery holding at just above 3V. I came home to find that the bridge was “connected” and showing rhst my sensor was closed. I took my sensor and moved it to within inches and there was zero information being passed. I had to unplug the camera to let everything reset and it started working. After 10 minutes or so I was seeing the sensor offline at random times but would reconnect. After 30 minutes the bridge was no longer responsive. I am now trying to test if the power cable has anything to do with it. I changed power cables just in case.

Were you using a Wyze V2 power cable?

I haven’t had any problems either. One door sensor is on a building outside of the house, maybe 35 feet from the bridge and behind a metal door and it has worked fine for about 12 hours now. The other sensor is much closer and also no issues, The motion sensor is in the basement, also quite a bit away and seems reliable so far.
Maybe you could try to delete all the devices and start over again and see if that makes a difference?

I am now currently using the V2 power cable. I was using a 25 foot cable that I got off Amazon which I have been using to power the cameras for a month with no issue. The sensor seems to be working now for about an hour or so. I will report back with updates. I have tried deleting all devices and doing the setup multiple times with no luck.

So I’ll take the blame on this one. Everything seems to be working as designed now. It seems like the long power cables from Amazon that I got work great for the camera only. It does not provide enough power for the camera and bridge combined. I’ll have to figure out a different mounting location for one of my cameras. Just an fYI, the power cables that do not work are from amazon - MENEEA 26 ft Power Extension Cables 3 pack. They work great for camera only.


Glad you were able to get the problem solved! Sorry I didn’t get here earlier to help you troubleshoot. Hope you’re enjoying the Sense now that it’s fully powered! :slight_smile:

To add a note, With V1 cams daisy chained a bridge device plugged in on the second cam acted very flaky: losing a contact sensor connection, not taking a second sensor, going from blue light to blinking blue/orange and back. Everything worked fine on another, directly powered, cam.

if you do happen to find a longer power cable that works, or the right combo of power cable and usb power brick, can please let us know? I am having the same problem with my bridge being flaky on a 25 foot cable that has no problem powering the camera.

Do any of you with long power cable problems have Pan Cam power supplies available to test?

Can you clarify what you need? I have either this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CTHWQ1S or this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H69QZHC connected to my pan cam (can’t remember which I used for pan vs normal V2). But I’m also having issue where as soon as I set my pan cam into motion (motion tracking and/or pan enabled) I lose connection with my sense motion sensor.

Let me know what sort of testing you’re looking for. I have DMM for measurements, and some electrical knowledge, just not much knowledge about USB cables unfortunately.

Early…but looks like the culprit was the longer 16.4ft cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CTHWQ1S I switched to the 10ft one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H69QZHC and it looks to be working so far. Will keep an eye on it today, and report back later if this confirms that it works.

To confirm I am using the standard pan cam power supply that provides 2000mA vs the V2 power supply which only provides 1000mA.


I would say you need 5v 2.4A power adapter if you are using 15 to 30 feet good long cable. The standard 1A power adapter that comes with v2 won’t work if you are using one of this long cable with Waze Sense.


Standard 1A power adapter works fine without Waze Sense.


I wonder if this will help my situation. I’m using a long cable and my contact sensor will detect open but not closed on my mail box across the street.

I’m thinking being inside the metal mailbox and the distance don’t help. I was amazed it worked at all and is a testament to how great these little sensors are.

If I can fiddle around and get it to 100% that would be awesome.

Yes I was wrong, 5v 2A power adapter didn’t work. Seems working on the first day, then started missing events and keep showing Wyze Sense offline. Those are not even 10 feet a part of each other. I noticed bridge lights goes steady yellow. After v2 restart, it starts working and showing online couple of minutes.

I will do couple of other tries. Let me see how those work.

I have the same problem. I have plugged my bridge into a pan cam with long cable and original power supply and then a v2 with long cable an v2 power supply. Both configurations lost connection with sensors within a few hours.
I am about to try a v2 with original cable and supply now. Will repost after either failure or overnight successful run.
If that fails I plan to try a v2 with pan cam supply.
Any suggestions are most welcome!

Tomp, any update? Did it work ?

Sorry - visiting in-laws and forgot to reply.
Yes - moved bridge to V2, verified that the power supply was Wyze and cord was original and it works fine. Apparently my longer cords have enough voltage drop to not allow piggybacking or daisy chains but will power a cam.