Outdoor Cams Confusing the Streams

I have an Outdoor Hub set up with three separate outdoor cams (Call them ‘front,’ ‘back,’ and ‘garage.’) For 2-3 years, all has been well. For some reason, out of nowhere, Front and Back stopped working. When I went to view the livesteam, I would get to step 3/3 (getting video) and then it would hang there. Sometimes I would get error 27, other times, 3/3 forever. Sometimes when I go to view Garage, I see the view out of Front and when I go to Front, I see Back, and other times, Garage is just Garage. Essentially, at times, I can see the view out of all three cameras, but I cannot consistently load the streams properly. I tried to start over - to delete all three cameras and reinstall them. It seemed to work okay for a few days, but now back to the former haphazard performance. Any ideas?

Are you cameras in a group on the app? If they are take them out.

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Yup, remove them from the Group and delete the group (last part isnt necessary if you removed cameras from the group). after doing that, not only will it fix that issue, but you will notice your streams connect faster, and the video in general is better… damn annoying bug.

Thanks for the suggestion - it partially worked. I pulled all three cameras out of the group. “Front” and “Back” now work fine, but “Garage” is still not working. When I pull it up, it very quickly gets to step 3/3, and then hangs there forever. After attempt 2, I get the screen that says “Connection failed.” Tried resetting both the app and the camera, still nothing. And I know Garage works because just yesterday I was getting a perfectly good feed from it - whenever I opened up “Front” camera… Any other ideas?

Pull the plug on the base, leave it off for about 1 min. then plug it back in and wait until the LED turns solid Blue. I have to power cycle the base about every three months when my 4 cams start doing the 3 of 3 dance and then they come right back up again . I finally connected the base to a smart plug so I can do it from anyplace.

That is a good idea. Alas these camera are at my cabin, so I will have to try your suggestion next weekend. Thanks for the idea - I will let you know how it goes.

Seems to have solved the problem; thanks