Outdoor camera will not record

For the last week or so one of my outdoor cameras will not record. It only takes still pictures. If you are just watching what is going on right now, it shows the motion, but will not record it. I’ve tried to reset it, it’s fully charged, but what should I do?

@toddea You need cam plus lite or cam plus to record event videos that will show up on the events page. Do you have either?

Yes, I have Cam Plus.

I would log into your account on the Web site, and go to services and see if your camera is still assigned to Cam Plus.
Does the event recording setting look like this

I cannot get to my cameras on the web. I get the attached message.

However, in the app it says smart detection is on, along with person, vehicle, and pet detection.

The battery powered cameras will not work on the my.wyze web view, it’s been that way forever.

Didn’t know that. Thanks. However, even with the things you mentioned are turned on, still no recording. Any other suggestions? I appreciate your help.

There is really no way to reset that camera except turn the switch on the back off then on again. You could also power cycle the base station by pulling the plug, wait a minute, plug back in and let it boot back up until the LED light is solid blue.

Thanks. I’ll try that again.
Appreciate your help.