Outdoor Camera, Travel Mode, Scheduled Recording

So, travel mode works pretty good upon my initial testing.

I opted to try it out while driving: I did a time lapse as well as a full length recording.

The time lapse worked beautifully!

The recording will not play in the app upon getting home and turning off travel mode. I can see the recording in the album, it says it downloaded, but will not play.

It also created A BUNCH of 1 minute recordings that are now on my phone. I’m assuming the recording is stitched together somehow in the app and it failed?

I have a Google Pixel 3, running Android 10, and using the beta app, if that helps.


60-second recordings are what you get on V2 Cam recordings, when you remove the SD card and plug it into a PC. Outdoor cam is probably also 60-second clips, not full length video. External software would be necessary to stitch the clips into a single video, some free Windows apps probably exist, and I use Filmora which to me is the simplest yet most capable video app.

That wasn’t explained very well in any of the information I read. And it shows up in the Wyze app as 1 full length recording. What is the point of having the video in the album if it does nothing?

Now I’m curious about what happens when you use the Share icon in the Wyze app while viewing say a 5-minute video, and Share it via Wyze app with Youtube. I don’t know anything but I’d guess the Wyze app uploads a series of 60-second clips to Youtube in such a way that the clips are seamlessly combined on the fly. I forget the advantages of 60 second clips on a V2 but they’re engineering decisions of some sort.

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I’m not sure. I haven’t tried that. Still waiting on a response from Wyze support.