Outdoor camera not syncing

I have my wyze outdoor put for bird monitoring. Here are the settings. Detection zone on, I have an sd card in the camera as well as the base station, Event recording on, detects motion on and back up to base station on.

The camera stays far away from the base station, so can not connect to it continuously. I bring the camera in daily but the motion and even recording that is likely captured doesn’t show up in the recordings for that camera from events tab.

The camera will need to be far away which means the camera will be out of range except when I bring it back into the house. I was expecting that the camera will sync with the base station and transfer the recorded events/video back to the base station but that’s not happening.

Can someone help?

The camera needs to be connected to the base station to record events to the events tab. The events tab is the cloud recordings only.

I’m not sure how that affects the backup to base station, but I think if there’s no cloud events, there’s nothing to backup to the base.

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@kumarmb If the camera is set for scheduled event recording to a 32GB SD card in the camera it will still record events to the SD card even if you turn detects motion off on the app which will also stops creating cloud events. No Wi-Fi signal to the cam from the base = no cloud event recordings. But then you have to get the camera back close enough to the base for a signal to view the SD recordings in the cam album or just take the card out and view it.

My back yard cam wanders from 1-2 bars but it does work with just a one bar signal. A lot of distance and obstacles between the base and that cam. Check cam signals.


Appreciate the responses. I use or I am trying to use it for bird nest monitoring far away from home. I initially tried back up to base station option. Even though there are events (the blue light comes on), I can not see it in the app. I need to try putting the SD card in a computer and see.

For now I changed the settings to backup to base station off. I still expect that the events can not be seen on the app (I tried it earlier) but hope to see it by removing the SD card and putting it in computer. I have tried it, not sure of the file format, whether the recordings are stored in one of the easy to read formats like MPEG

You have to set the camera for Scheduled Event recording to record to the SD in the camera. You can view what was recorded to the SD from the app. Open the cam to live view>tap more on the bottom right> tap Album and scroll up until you see scheduled recordings. If you tap on the download icon the event will play after it loads and the video is also saved in your phone/ device’s photo -video album.
If all else fails you can put the camera in travel mode to record. Direction for Sched. recording and Travel Mode are in the link below.