Outdoor Camera Network Connection

I just received the outdoor camera base setup plus 3 cameras. I have been using V2 with wireless connection. It appears the outdoor camera needs a modem and router, which means I need to buy the modem/router and network connection. But, according to the FAQ, after the initial setup, the base can be turned off and the network can be changed to wireless. It does not make sense to me. Am I understanding it correctly? I have to buy modem/router, etc for a one-time use?

Welcome to the forums! With the WCOs, you need to use the base station so the WCOs can connect to as their own wifi access point of sorts. The base station connects to your network via an ethernet cable, or recently a feature was added that you can wirelessly connect you base station to your existing wireless connection. The base station is till needed to be used for the WCOs, it’s just the option was added to make it wireless from the base to your network (where you connected to v2 to). This was added to make it easier to mount the base away from the router or switch for folks that want to mount the base elsewhere, or have run out of ports in their router. You shouldn’t need a new router/modem just to install the base and it’s WCOs, unless you don’t have that in place already, or want to upgrade your system for whatever reason.

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Thanks for responding Omgitstony. What feature are you talking about? My knowledge is limited. What do I need to do to get these cameras working with only my wireless connection?

If you want to use the WCO cameras, they need a wyze base station. For initial setup, I believe they need to be hard wired into your network with an ethernet cable. Once setup and working, if you wish you can now change the connection type of the base station in settings to wireless and you can remove the ethernet cable. The base station should be able to be placed anywhere within range of your current wireless network, but it still needs to be used so the WCOs have something to connect to. The WCO cameras themselves cannot be connected directly to your wireless network, base is needed.

The “feature” was the recent ability to connect the base station wirelessly to your network, being able to not need the ehteenet cable beyond the setup process.

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I am in the same situation. WOC working hardwired to Ethernet. I would like to run the base station wirelessly. I do not see any obvious way to change this in the app, as the FAQ’s mention. Would you share how to change this in the app? Thank you.

Welcome to the forums! No problem! What is your Wyze app version? And what is the firmware on the base station? I suspect either the base is on an old firmware, or the app is an old version or both. If you don’t see the options in the base station settings, updating the firmware or software should fix.

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Yes, updated app again and there was the magic option. Thank you so much!!

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Glad you got it! :slight_smile: