WCO Bases On Different Networks

I want to put a new WCO and base at a different location on a different network. The camera will be mounted high on the apartment connected to a solar panel. The tenant has agreed to let me use his WIFI network.

But my question is if the base is connected directly to his router, do I even need the network password once I get the base added to my app?

I know many people have cameras in more than one location, so I know it works. But, I have not seen any posts discussing WCOs directly.


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The Base only needs the WiFi password if it is connected to WiFi. It does not need any network specifics to connect via Ethernet.

So (and I haven’t tried this), you should be able to add the Base to your account at your house using Ethernet, then hand it to the tenant to plug it in to their router.

The only catch I see is if they are filtering ports or something else odd.

Wouldn’t mind hearing a confirmation as to whether it worked when you give it a try. :slight_smile:


It definitely works! :smiley: I’m doing the same as the OP. I have 2 base stations directly connected via Ethernet at 2 remote locations set up under my account so I can monitor properties. You don’t need a password unless connecting base to WiFi. I also used Wyze Plugs for the power connections in case I need to powercycle the base stations. Definitely need passwords for the plugs.


Thanks guys! I didn’t know I could add it that way. That will make things so much easier. And it has the added bonus of not needing the tenant’s network info. :smile:

UPDATE: I connect the base to my network and updated the firmware. Then I added the new camera to the base and updated. Today, I took them over to the apartment. While I was mounting the camera and solar panel, my tenant connected the base to his router. Once I was done with the installation, I checked the app and the camera popped right up. It worked out GREAT!