Traveling with a WCO and base station using Ethernet

I currently have my WCO base station connected to my router with Ethernet. If I travel somewhere can I plug into the new Ethernet and not have reconfigure my setup? After all, the camera is connected to the base station and base station won’t be using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Or is it more complicated than that?

More complicated than that. You set your base up on a specific network with a specific SSID and Password so you can not just move it around to any old router via ethernet. You could try to make a guest network on a new router and give it the same SSID and password as the original set up. I have not tried it but I believe it should work. I believe the reason is that if some person stole your cam or base and cam they could not set it up unless you first deleted it from your account. The account, base and cam are all tied together.