Outdoor Camera is Toast?

I’ve got a number of outdoor cameras that continue to work well. One of them, started triggering constantly, so I turned-down the sensitivity and also set it to recognize people so that insects would not trigger it. That seemed to help, but now the battery lasts a week instead of the long-term it used to work for.

Can this be reset? Is there anything else I can do before I just chuck it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Which outdoor camera, Version one or Version two? How old is the camera? I have four of the version one WCO that have been working since 4 November 2020 , some more than others. I had them on Cam Plus, then Cam Plus Lite and now again on Cam Plus. I also did a lot of scheduled event recording to the cams SD cards. I always charge them when the get to 40% which is about once every 4-5 weeks for the very busy ones. I always use the supplied 5V-2 A power supply and cable to charge them. Does the cam charge to 100% when you charge?
There is no reset, just turn off and on with the power switch on the back.
I am using firmware version on the version one cams. Make sure your cam is getting a good signal from the base because a weak signal will drain the battery quite fast.


Thanks! It’s a V1, best I can tell, with the latest firmware. Network distance has never been a problem as it’s been deployed in the same spot and working perfectly for a couple of years. I have it inside now charging up again and I plan to further research to see if there’s anything that can bring this cam back to it’s proper functionality.

Maybe it is just getting tired. :sleeping: :sleeping: I will not be surprised if I wake up one morning and find all four WCO taking an extended nap. Some of the cams have recorded a vast amount of events over the past three years and I hope they can make it at least one more year. I do not plan to purchase any more battery powered cams from any place unless there is one where the batteries can be replaced maybe once a year or so.

I agree!

My v1 outdoor cam has been on Wyze’s solar panel since it came out. About a month ago it lost its charge indicating it’s 3% charged. I don’t know if the issue is with the cam itself or panel. Solar panel gets sufficient direct sun. It has been through winter months before with no charge issues. Do we think a reboot would work?

No factory reset on the WCO, you can turn off the power switch on the back and turn it back on but that is it. Have you tried charging the cam with the 5V-2A power adapter and cable that came with the camera?

Not since I got the panel. I did check the connections to make sure a squirrel hadn’t gotten frisky with it. That’ll be my next step. Thanks.

My outdoor cam was toast, but it may not be anymore. It is weirdly coming back to life!

I read one forumite reporting that their outdoor cam was throwing endless alerts with nothing in sight. Plus the battery would drain to zero, even with alerts turned off. They put it in a dark box and let it live there for a while. She/he called it a “naughty box” if you want to look it up.

Just like that other owner’s experience, after a few cycles, the camera is oddly keeping a charge for the first time in months. It’s not throwing alerts either.

I plan to keep it in the box a bit longer, and then deploy it back in it’s original location.

Totally weird. It somehow seems to work!

There is one thing that will kill the batteries quick, a low wi-fi signal from the base. If the cam has to keep searching for the signal it will use up a lot of power. You should maybe check your firmware versions also.