Dead Outdoor Cam?

My outdoor cam will not charge any more, no matter how many different cable/outlet combinations I try. Also it will not shut off via the switch. It’s plugged into the base station now, but it’s down to 13%. IS it done?

The cam may be stuck in record mode with IR on draining faster than the charge. Do not delete the cam from the Wyze app. Try doing a reset, add cam, give it the exact same name as before. If it works, it will pull existing settings in from the cloud.

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Well it won’t reset because I can’t turn it off, But I added it and named it the same, as instructed. No dice.

Did you hit the Synch button to re-add?

I did, indeed!

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If this is the same “problem” cam from 2 years ago, it may be dead. If not, contact customer service for a replacement. Tell them upfront that you can’t power off via the switch. That makes rebooting and flashing impossible. I.e., you’re stuck.

It is the replacement for the “problem cam”, and so is 2 years old, all right.

I would try giving Customer Support a call regardless. They may be closing early today. They are closed tomorrow.

They say I’m screwed. Thanks anyway!

I had the same issue with my replacement Wyze Cam Outdoor. I tried several different cables to charge the battery and there was nothing to do. I put the switch to Off and On and nothing happened.

I had nothing to lose so I decided to open the camera. I removed the silicone under the camera while keeping the sticky silicone. I unscrewed the 4 small philips screws and then disconnected the battery from the electrical circuit. That’s a small white connector with 3 wires. It’s connected on the circuit board where you have the micro-sd port. I then reconnected the battery to the electrical circuit and the camera started working again!

I hope it will help !