Outdoor cam won't charge or talk to network

of the three v3 cams, two recharged.

The other we’ve tried on two or three different Wyze chargers, an iPad charger, and a high-juice port on a Mac.

In all cases, the red light starts flashing, and just keeps doing so for hours, or even overnight.

It never stops, and it never becomes visible on the network.

Is there some way to completely reset it that might help, or does it need to be replaced?

V3 cams are not battery operated and cannot be charged. They require being plugged in to a micro USB power source to operate.


Are your cams Wyze Cam Outdoor V1 or V2? Those are the battery operated cams. The Doorbell Pro is also battery capable.


yes, they are outdoor cams. (edited above and in title from V3 to outdoor)

too many gadgets around.

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Gotcha. Been there.

Don’t have any WCO so I can’t offer any insight without pure speculation.

But, there are those here who can.

Good luck!

There is no “Factory Reset” on the WCO, only on and off. Sounds like the batteries are bad. How old is the camera? I got mine in October 2020 and they are still working and charging just fine >(for now).

brand new.

I think I charged them up before I put them out. I’m practically sure.

This one ran down faster than the others, which I attributed to the greater number of motion events from the trees.

I came back the next month, and the other two two cameras charged right up, and this one stayed uncharged.

If you purchased the cams from WYZE I would call WYZE support on the phone 206-339-9646 M-F 4 AM-8 PM Pacific time. You should have your date and proof of Purchase information available. If you purchased from someplace else take it back. You can also submit a ticket if you want to. Contact support from here:


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