Battery suddenly running down to single digits in a week

Outdoor Cam with solar panel. Firmware

This has worked great for over a year now, Solar panel would keep it charged and if we did have evented sunless days would bring back to 100% within a week.

About a month or 2 ago I noticed it had suddenly gone to zero, and regardless of sun, would not go up in a few days so I charged it manually. It was fine for a few
days then suddenly, back to zero and not coming back. This has now gone on for a few weeks.

Could this be firmware or has the battery itself gone end of life?

Firmware says you have an original V1 Outdoor cam. Many cloudy days is always a possibility, but so is a failing battery, especially on the potential age of a V1. In either case, discharging to zero is always bad, as it takes a much higher effort for the charging sequence to get the battery off zero.

So if you tried manually recharging it a second time, and if you gave it a few days to come off zero, then I would say it is likely your battery is kaput.

If you can recover, then I would say to check your settings. There has been at least 1 report that the settings change with the update. Like Event Recording > Maximum Video Length, or Recording Cooldown. Don’t want to tax that battery too much!

In any case, refine your findings here in case a change needs to be made on the update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, adjusted the setting, see what happens. Is there any kind of upgrade path to a new one. or a replacement battery? Can I just get a V2 and use the same base station?

Another thing I should have brought up is the possibility that your solar panel failed, or is disconnected. Does the camera show it is being charged?

The camera battery is considered to be unrepairable. I have never found an exact replacement anywhere online. However I have swapped batteries from other broken Outdoor cameras. It has a simple connector on it. Both the V1 and V2 use the same battery.

As far as upgrade routes, there is a Beta upgrade program where you can get $10 of credit for a working V1 Outdoor camera that is less than 4 years old:

Yes. Both the V1 & V2 Outdoor cameras use the same base station. However the V2 Outdoor camera still has an unrepairable battery.

On the other hand, the new Battery Cam Pro has replaceable batteries, and requires no base station. :slight_smile: