Outdoor camera doesn't stop flashing slowly red?

My outdoor camera is fully charged 100%, yet the red indicator light continues to flash slowly red for days still none stop.

Btw: originally it use to, turning solid red once fully charged. I’ve only been using it less than a month. The firmware was fully updated, so as Android Wyze app.

I have one that does the same thing. I have 4 of the Outdoor cameras and only one does this. They all have the same firmware that was just updated.

I have the exact same. I bought the add-on camera from Amazon in June (2021) and it was working fine until about mid-July when it would fail to record motion (stray cats) that was directly in front of it! (I have a mounted Ring cam, directly over my outdoor cam, which is on “floor level” to capture the cats close up.) And then it would occasionally go “offline”–even though the other cam that came with the Base Station was working fine.

The app on my phone shows that the battery on the cam is at 100%–but the red LED light on the cam won’t stop blinking, even after unplugging and re-plugging the microUSB charging cable.

I’m going to try using it again and if it fails to work, I’m going to call Tech Support and see if it’s covered under warranty.

Did anyone figure out why some outdoor cameras flash red even though they are fully charged?
I got 2 and one of them is doing this. Firmware is updated, app says battery is 100% and everything appears to be working OK otherwise.