Outdoor Cam🤬

No events since I brought the camera :cry:

What are your settings set to? Need more info as to what the camera is supposed to be doing, and what it’s not doing so you can get the best help you can about whatever the issue is.

From the picture it looks like you have the person detection filter enabled and are filtering to show only 2 cameras for today. If you change the filtering, does whatever you want to see show up?

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No. It doesn’t work like the indoor cameras that keep up with the events.

You’ve got to remove those filters like @Omgitstony said! Press the “X” these:

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What 2 devices are you filtering to show person detection events for? Should you of had person detection events today?

Still need more information as to what type of device is problematic, and what’s it’s not doing that it should. Without info your going to get answers across the board that arnt specific to your problem, other than try and remove the filters which you have shown that you have enabled.

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