Have 5 cameras setup. I do not get video event logs of all five if an event is on one of them!

I have 3 cameras at on location and 2 cameras at another location. I have had a camera get something in front of it like a spider web blowing in the wind. So that is the only camera for the day that I get video events on. I will not get any video events on any of the other cameras! What is up with that. I guess if someone wanted to break into my car and the wind was blowing the spider web around. I would not know about it by looking at my event log. Is this the way every bodies camera works?

No. Events on one camera have no effect on events on another camera.

Also, could you be seeing so many spider web events that the other camera events are getting buried? Use a filter to eliminate the spiderweb camera.

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Maybe you have filters on, for the other cams?. Open app got to events page tap the funnel top right.
Make sure there are no check marks in any of the boxes. What kind of cams?

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The problem is the camera’s are not at the same location. The camera now giving me the problem is 2 and 1/2 hours away. So I can’t just run up and get rid of the motion. I have turned off video and it captures pictures when it sees motion. And this on is not a spider web this time. The wind blows the camera and it shakes and that is the motion it detects. I know the cameras here at my house should have motion to pick up as one is in my living room and someone is here all day moving around. But it does not give me an event all day if the other camera 2 1/2 hours away is shaking.

Ok went to filter and they are all set to trigger and only person and motion is checked. Is that wrong? The one triggering is a Cam3.

As Antonius said, check to make sure you either have a filter set, or set a filter to eliminate the shaking camera.


Oh ok cool. Let me try that . Thanks Both of you.

Yep, cleared all the filters and that fixed it. :grin: