Bugs set off web capture

I seem to be having a problem with flying bugs setting off the motion detection. I have the Detection Setting down to 45, have turned off the camera light and turned off night vision but still have the problem. When I check the recordings in the morning, I have 20 or more video captures without any obvious motion except some flying bugs. Need a little help on this one. Thanks

You could try moving the camera to a less buggy area. Also, filter your Event video viewing to only the AI events you are interested in.


Bugs, rain, snow, fog, spider webs, birds, blowing leaves… All = motion.

I have Cam Plus and set my Event filters to show only the AI events. I also keep motion only notifications off.


I live in a wooded area, so there are not less buggy locations. I will check the AI events, but I think they are set correctly. I’m new to this game so I am still figuring out how everything works. Thanks for the reply.

I will try turning off the notifications and see if that helps. It’s not even spring yet so the but season hasn’t even started. Yea, the spider webs are a pain, but turning off the camera status light and putting Night Vision in OFF seems to help.

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Some other users have solved extreme bug issues by leaving night vision on, disabling the IR emitters, and installing IR floodlights away from the cam so that the IR lights attract the bugs and not the cams.

For my Cam Plus cams, I do record all motion to the server, w\ all Smart AI selected; notifications ONLY for the Smart AI, and the events filter set to show only AI events on all cams.