Bugs or white streaks

Anyone mess with a way to keep the bugs away at night , not sure if the lights the camera emits is causing it but at times its like a white out snow blizzard, they might be those very tiny bugs that come by the thousands at times… wonder if point a light somewhere would work or something else

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Bugs love the IR lights. Some members get an independent IR emitter away from the camera to light up the area in question. I have all my V3 cams set with night vision in Auto (Near) because there is not ambient light to use the color night vision. Since I have cam plus with the cams to record just Person. Pet, Package I don’t get the bug videos. If I turn on all other motion I get tons of flying night creatures and spider videos.


I have IR Blaster spotlights on the corners of the house illuminating my FOV so the bugs leave my cams alone. Spiders still get confrontational with their webs, but the bugs go for the heat and light from my IR Cannons.


When it gets this heavy it may also be tiny water droplets suspended in the air (high humidity). But the solution is the same, to move the light source away from the camera by using a separate light. And since you probably still won’t totally eliminate it, to use Cam Plus to filter for you.

I don’t see this because I am in a suburb and have enough ambient light to run color night vision with no lights. In the one spot I don’t have enough light (a side yard) I run blind, but have a standard motion-sensitive floodlight on the side of the house that will illuminate anyone walking thru the area, and thus trigger a motion capture on the camera.

A V3 was too sensitive for me there (it kept capturing the neighbor letting his dog out), so I replaced it with an old V2 that is pretty much totally blind at night until the floodlight comes on. :slight_smile:


Agree with others about IR lights and Cam Plus filters. I rarely get bug video notifications though they trigger plenty of events.

Just wanted to add that my sprinklers would spray water up in the air, causing white streaks.

Also to minimize bugs I’ve wiped down cobwebs and sprayed bug repellent around the Cams every several weeks. I’ll probably spray them proactively from now on.

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Seriously, so true. :joy:

I don’t know why but over the span of 2 nights, 3 different spiders decided to build webs around my V3s. All at the same time. It’s like they talk to each other and plan it.

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“You build it and the bugs will come” is what a Spider told me & that is why she built a web around the V3. Fatal Attraction. :joy:
Last one I had was a Black Widow and I sent her to Spider Heaven.

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Now that I think of it, maybe next time I’ll try putting those sticky bug traps around the camera. I only get spiders few months in a year so that might tie me over to winter.

Unless of course, spiders can jump over the traps onto the camera somehow…

Or attack from the Top down and build a web on the cam. :upside_down_face:

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It seems to be spider season right now. All my cams have seen increased activity. Perhaps because of the increased summer smorgasbord of insects they feed on. I’ve had to Webster several times already this month.

I will have to put one V3 for the front yard on detects all motion events tonight and see if there are any around. I usually find them waiting for me in shower in the morning. :astonished:

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Too bad spiders don’t seem bothered by lights.

Not like Shelob.
Or the V3 spotlights would fend them off…