Massive amount of bugs swarming around new floodlight

We replaced an existing LED floodlight with a new Wyze Floodlight. The very first night of operation, there was a massive increase in the number of bugs hovering around the floodlight and cameras. This was odd because the floodlight wasn’t on. It wasn’t the light emitted from the floodlight that was attracting the bugs, it had to be something else. The only thing I can think of is that it’s the IR LEDs for the camera’s night vision mode. Has anyone else had this issue?

Yes. The IR Emitters on the cam face tend to attract bugs, and consequently more spiders too.

If you have enough ambient light, you may be able turn the Night Vision off and record in color.

If not, there are solutions of dim LED bulbs to provide just enough light to operate in color or using an external IR flood “blaster” away from the cam to provide the IR light and turn the IR emitters off.


Man, that sucks. My cam setup with the new floodlight is exactly what I was hoping for. The monochrome Night Vision with the IR LEDs is absolutely top notch, I have a vivid clear view of my backyard when they are enabled. Without them on, it’s just darkness and video noise.

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Welcome to my exact situation

But it gets even worse . If you have the ir lights on and it rains , cars head lights , or even bugs get in frame then it’ll trigger on the floodlights

I had my floodlight set to only turn on when motions been detected by the pit sensor and yet all of those 3 motion events triggered on my floodlights . It was until I turned off the ir lights that it didn’t trigger it on

Makes sense but also doesn’t because you need the ir lights when it’s dark for night vision but where my floodlight camera is placed , theirs a city light pole in frame and also my neighbors have a light pole in their backyard that illuminates enough light to be able to see still but if I didn’t have those two light sources then my camera would be completely pitch black and I wouldn’t be able to see anything

Try getting a small cheap IR emitter light you can put somewhere else in frame so the bugs swarm it instead of the cam