Odd hickup with web alert video..

So I had motion on 2 of my cams, I saw the event happening so I know it would have been seen by both cams about a second apart. The cameras have very different view perspectives.

When the alert videos are reviewed, It says-

Motion alert Cam 1- that video is as expected, and is labeled Cam 1 when viewing.

Motion alert Cam 2- This video is the same video from “Cam 1” but is labeled Cam 2…

It’s the only instance of this I’ve noticed.

If they are not too private, could you attach the two videos here?

Nah… I’d rather not.

I had another instance of this today. One of the same cameras and a different one. Cameras on opposite sides of the house.

Motion Alert “Cam 1” - When viewed has legitimate motion.

Motion Alert “Cam 3” - When viewed is the exact same footage from “Cam 1” same time code and everything.

I didn’t witness the event this time, but due to the relative location of these cameras, unlike last time above, I don’t really think “cam 3” ever really saw any motion.

So might have been wrong about the conditions in the first instance.

One similar thing is that I was quickly swiping back and forth through alert videos when I noticed it both times.

Maybe not super helpful not being inclined to post the videos on the forum, but figured I’d give the feedback anyway. It’s a minor thing but there is something slightly amiss with either the AWS or the app I think.

BTW, I know people tend to post more about issues or features they would like to see improved or implemented. For the record, I LOVE these cameras (V2) so far and my overall experience has been great! Keep up the good work.

Perhaps file a support ticket and then share the logs and/or video with the support rep if you are so inclined?

I had the same issue this morning. Two cameras set to capture motion alerts were triggered at 12:49am. The camera labeled “backyard” had a 12-second notification video (as expected), but the notification video for the camera labeled “family room” is the same footage as the “backyard” camera. This also happened again at 12:58am… two cameras, two notifications with the same timestamp, but both notification videos showed the backyard footage.

Try syncing time to each camera at a different time.

Maybe a minute a part.

I thought they got their time through the web. I’ve never set the time on mine.

Another slightly different instance of this tonight. App says alert video “camera 1” but shows me an alert video from “camera 2” hours earlier. The difference was literally day and night.

As above, not the only one this sort of thing is happening to. Something is obviously amis somewhere.

I might not even notice, but I’ve been reviewing all alerts to fine tune sensitivity and motion zones.