Outdoor Cam went Static

WyzeCam Outdoor - anyone have a problem where the camera goes completely static, like you can’t see anything but static? It looks like the lense broke, but it has not fallen and was just working then all the sudden went static. I had the cam inside and was watching on my iPhone when this happened.

I deleted the came from the app, redid the setup, and it is still happening.

Can you post a vid or screen shot? Haven’t heard if this yet

Other Wyze working just fine.

I would guess that it is some kind of hardware failure maybe a bad electrical connection somewhere or bad image sensor.

Out of curiosity if you can connect to the camera in travel mode to bypass the base station are the results the same?

I don’t have a micro SD to check with

You could see if the the livestream in travel mode was also static without using an SD card.

still the same in travel mode

Yea something looks broken. I guess I would open up a support ticket and maybe post some of the info here in this thread:

Add your ticket ID and maybe a reference link to this post. That thread is suppose to be for troubleshooting motion but it is more actively monitored by Dongsheng who may be able to provide more insight.

This look to be a hardware failure. Pls contact support for warranty replacement. Sorry about this.


Looks like a failed video sensor. I’ve got a couple V2 cameras that had partial static on the screens after a few years of running, so when I replaced them with new ones, I took one apart and swapped in a video board from one of the new cameras and it worked fine.

I kind of wish these boards were available for purchase so that I don’t have to buy whole new cameras every couple of years, but I suppose most people don’t want to bother taking apart a $25 device to fix it.

Thanks for the vid and pics! Looks like you have plenty of good direction from the team. Bummer this happened to your cam!:frowning:

Thanks for your help!!!

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I created a ticket last Wednesday and still haven’t heard back?