Outdoor cam set-up, mac address not

Hi all,
New set up of outdoor cam base station, can only get as far as the app screen saying cant find the base station, light on base is solid blue.
Scan code on and it shows up in phones wi-fi but will not connect/pair, tried manually and that didnt work either

so Im stuck, tried restarting everything, shutting off phones network connection even so strictly wifi

Hi @chompchomp and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Verify: The phone’s mobile data connection is off.
The Wyze Base is not connected to a 5GHz network with same name. Shut off 5Ghz if possible.
Below are a couple links to help with setup.

Status Light Blue = Connected
Base Station Setup Troubleshooting
Setup & Connectivity
Hope this helps.

Hi and thank you for the quick reply,
I went thru the other set-up steps& troubleshooting and am betting its the router.
the zyxel router does have 5 ghz and looks like it has the 2.4 option but not being very tech savy will have to do some real research& learning on how to make that work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
and thanks again :slight_smile:

Just received this on my app:



Should be available as soon as it appears in the App Store. A trick on that: If you don’t see it in the list of iOS apps to update, then be sure to “pull down to refresh” the list.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station setup
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